Greenwich Game

Tom directing at CPB Westport

Tom directing at CPB Westport

Having fun at the table in Westport's Come Play Bridge Club

Having fun at the table in Westport’s Come Play Bridge Club


Come Play Bridge in Westport and Greenwich offers ACBL sanctioned duplicate games as well as supervised play sessions. We provide beginner bridge instruction and special seminars for all levels of players.

Supervised Bridge

Supervised bridge provides instructor-guided, stress-free group practice sessions where questions are encouraged and mistakes are learning opportunities! You will have 2 uninterrupted hours of play with prepared hands plus immediate answers to your burning bridge questions. Bring a partner or come solo.

Supervised Play Suspended. Supervised Play will be offered in new time slot soon.

Wednesdays 10:00 am – 12:00 pm (supervised play temporarily suspended. call 203.832.8707 for more details)

Location: Congregational Church of Darien, 14 Brookside Rd Darien

$12 per session or $80 for 8 sessions. Come solo or with a partner., Proof of vaccination required.

Duplicate Bridge

Duplicate Bridge evens the odds of the randomly shuffled deals of auction bridge. You’ll be playing the deal that everyone else plays. We offer stratified and limited open duplicate. If you are a newer player or a returning player, please join us for our Novice game limited to players with fewer than 20 masterpoints. You’ll play 15 hands in a relaxed atmosphere, earn masterpoints, receive hand records to explain each hand and have you questions answered post-game.

Darien Community Association Monday 12:45 Newplicate 0-50 Mini Lesson 12:30Newplicate

Monday Newplicate Game Starts 12:45 pm – 3:30 pm
Mini Lesson Starts at 12:30 0-50 masterpoint limit ($13)

Location: Darien Community Association 274 Middlesex Rd. Darien

Cost: $13 +Proof of vaccination required. - no DCA Membership required

  Congregational Church of Darien Wednesday 12:30 Open Duplicate

Congregational Church of Darien Wednesday 12:30 Open Duplicate

Wednesday 12:30pm – 3:45 pm

Open/Stratified Duplicate

, $13.

First Congregational Church of Darien 14 Brookside Rd, Darien

Vaccination proof

Open Duplicate 12:30 at Saugatuck Congregational Church Tuesdays

Tuesdays 12:30 m – 4:00 pm

Open Stratified Duplicate

Location: Saugatuck Congregational Church of Westport, 245 Post Road South, Westport

Cost: $13 + 1 for special or charity games

Proof of vaccination required

Country Club of New Canaan Friday Morning 9:30 Open Duplicate

Monday Game Start 9"30 am – 12:45 pm pm
Open Duplicate

Open/Stratified Duplicate

Location: Country Club of Darien 94 Country Club Rd, New Canaan

Cost: $13 +Proof of vaccination required. - no Club Membership not required required